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Rotorua News - Summer 2019

Welcome to my first quarterly newsletter for 2019. A lot has already happened this year including 8 new taxes from the government’s tax working group, and a strong start for...

Rotorua Racing assets must not be secretly sold off

A proposal out for consultation this week by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) has rejected the Government’s Messara report recommendation to close the Rotorua Race Course and to sell off...

Rotorua News - December 2018

Welcome to my final e-newsletter for 2018. I hope you and your family all have a wonderful holiday season and a peaceful new year. If you have any queries about...

Urgent answers needed after rescue helicopter unavailable

Just 14 days after the Rotorua Rescue Helicopter service was scrapped lives are already being put at risk, MP for Rotorua Todd McClay says. “Yesterday a man working on a...

Rotorua News - November 2018

Welcome to my November e-newsletter. If you have any queries about anything in this newsletter, please feel free to get in touch.