About Todd

Hon Todd McClay is the Member of Parliament for Rotorua.

He was first elected to Parliament in 2008 after winning the Rotorua seat from the Labour Government with a majority of more than 5,000 votes. Since then he has been re-elected in 2011, 2014 and 2017, where he increased his vote and majority each time.

In 2017 he received the highest vote and majority in the history of the Rotorua seat and is the first MP in 21 years to have been elected for a fourth term as Rotorua’s MP. Mr McClay’s majority is currently 7,901.

Mr McClay was appointed Minister in the fourth and fifth National governments and has held the portfolios of Minister of Trade, of State Owned Enterprises, and of Revenue. He has also been the Associate Minister of Health, of Tourism, of Trade, and of Foreign Affairs.

Since entering Parliament Mr McClay has been the Chairman of the Finance and Expenditure, and Commerce select committees. He has been the Deputy Chairman of Social Services Committee, and a member of the Law and Order, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committees.

Todd lives in Rotorua with his wife and four children.