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Welcome to my first quarterly newsletter for 2019. A lot has already happened this year including 8 new taxes from the government’s tax working group, and a strong start for National and Simon Bridges with proposals to let Kiwis keep more of what they earn and the launch of our environment discussion document.

News from Wellington

Government Working Group no. 240 proposes 8 new taxes

Eight new taxes proposed by the Government’s Tax Working Group would hit every New Zealander with a Kiwi Saver, retirement property, a small business, lifestyle block, or even an empty section. Strangely a million dollar boat or expensive painting would be exempt.

The new taxes include an agriculture tax, a tax on empty residential land, a water tax, a fertiliser tax, an environmental footprint tax, a natural capital enhancement tax, a waste levy and a Capital Gains Tax.

National believes you already pay enough tax. We would repeal a Capital Gains Tax and index tax thresholds to the cost of living to let Kiwis keep more of what they earn.

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National launches ambitious environment document

New Zealanders can trust National as much with the environment as they do with the economy. Environmental issues are too important to be left to the fringe of politics.

That’s why Simon Bridges launched an ambitious discussion document on the environment at our Blue Greens Summit last week. The document builds on essential principles like sustainability, practical environmentalism, clean water and taking scientific and evidence-based approaches to environmental challenges. It also proposes a bottle collection and refund scheme and a new national park in the Catlins.

Want to contribute to the discussion document and National’s policies? Download and read the document and fill out the online survey to provide feedback.



National’s plan for the 2020s

Going into the next election, you deserve a clear choice and National will provide it. We’ve already committed to a number of policies to help Kiwis get ahead and keep more of what they earn. 

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News from across the Electorate

Locals have their say on Education  

Significant changes to our education system are being proposed by this Government, which could impact every single school. National is concerned about some of the recommended proposals, in particular the sacking of school boards and appointment of more Wellington bureaucrats to make local decisions.

I want to thank National’s Education spokesperson Nikki Kaye and those who attended my public meeting for coming along and expressing your views on the future of our education system.

Read more here.



A&P Celebrations

The Rotorua and Te Puke A&P shows are always a yearly highlight and a great way to see the best from our rural communities. Thanks to all those who stopped by the electorate caravan to say hello!



Take off for new Rotorua Helicopter Trust

Following the Government’s decision late last year to cut Rotorua’s rescue helicopter, a team of Rotorua residents and I have banded together to bring back this vital service.

I want to thank Mark Mortimer, Sandra Kai Fong, Paul Sumner, Luke Martin and Ron Taylor for joining me in the creation of the Rotorua Rescue Helicopter Trust.

If you would like to contact the team with ideas or pledges for a reinstated Rotorua service, please get in touch with my Rotorua office at 07 348 5871.



I welcome your thoughts and feedback on all matters so be sure to contact me at


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