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News from Wellington

National launches small business consultation

Small business is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy. Thousands of small businesses around the country boost our productivity and employ hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.

This Labour-New Zealand First Government’s policies are hurting small businesses by increasing the cost of doing business, and risking the gains made over the last 9 years.

National wants to develop sound policies that support business and in particular to remove roadblocks which hold back small companies. That’s why National Party leader Simon Bridges has launched National’s small business ‘Have your say’ listening campaign, to give small business a say in our policy process.

If you are a small business operator, share your views at



Costs of living continue to grow for New Zealanders with more Government fuel taxes

The Government’s obsession with fuel taxes shows it’s out of touch with the costs pressures ordinary kiwis are facing. 

Fuel prices are sitting at record levels across the country and are set to rise further with the Government proposing even more tax.

National will continue to defend Kiwis by pushing back on this Government’s tax and spend agenda that is making the cost of living more and more unaffordable for ordinary kiwis.

To hear more National’s stance on the cost of living, click here.



More and more New Zealanders voting with their feet and packing for Australia

The latest migration figures show Kiwis are voting with their feet with more people leaving for Australia.

More Kiwis have left for Australia in the past year than arrived in the previous three years. The change in outward migration is concerning. This means many New Zealanders no longer believe that there is enough opportunity for them here at home.

The Government’s economic policies are forcing people to head for better opportunities overseas. They should be working harder to keep our best and brightest in New Zealand.

To read more about this growing trend, click here.



News from the electorate

Visits to Te Puke Plunket

The team at Te Puke Plunket do amazing work for families in the Rotorua electorate and it was great to visit them with Waikato MP Tim van de Molen.

Thanks to Te Puke Plunket for taking time to show Tim and I around.  



US Ambassador visits local Rotorua businesses

I invited US Ambassador Scott Brown to visit the Rotorua electorate in August and had the pleasure of introducing him at some of our great local businesses.

The team at Kilwell in Rotorua do a lot of work with the United States and it was a good opportunity to show the high-tech side of Rotorua's industry to Scott.

Thank you Ambassador for visiting Rotorua.



Thanks to Rotorua SPCA

I know the SPCA team do such a fantastic job. I popped by after National Dog Day to thank them for all their kindness and hard work.

If you’ve a bit of spare time or want to be an animal fosterer I know they would appreciate it.



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