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News from Wellington

National launches ‘Have your say’ campaign for Seniors

National knows that the test of good communities and good government is how we care for each other – particularly when we age. We want to make sure you can access top quality public services and get the care services you need as you age.

We want all older New Zealanders to live long, meaningful and enjoyable lives. Part of that is ensuring we know what matters to you and how we can care better for our older New Zealanders. We need to make sure New Zealand has the right policies in place going into the 2020s.

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TPP passing shows New Zealand’s support for trade is strong

The passing of the revised Trans-Pacific Partnership at Parliament will mean that exporters will soon feel the benefits of being part of such an important deal.

New Zealand’s involvement in the TPP means Kiwi businesses and exporters will have greater access to hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

As the many submissions made on the Bill show, this revised-TPP is essentially the same deal that National negotiated and delivered. It delivers exactly the same benefits for exporters.

The TPP has shown that free trade is still possible, and important, in a time of increasing protectionism around the world. It was vital that this deal received bi-partisan support to show New Zealand’s commitment to free trade.

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Labour’s Working Groups reaching record levels and costs

Figures released show that the cost of this Labour-led Government’s 182 reviews and working groups will likely reach more than $250 million, showing that New Zealanders continue to pay the price for Labour’s lack of a plan.

What’s worse is that it is raising taxes of hard-working New Zealanders at the same time it is blindly wasting hundreds of millions on reviews.

We won’t take taxpayers for granted and make the same mistakes. National will be prepared for Government in 2020 with our ideas already formulated, our policies in place and legislation ready to go.

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News from the electorate

Closure of Rotorua chopper base will cost lives

The decision from this Labour-led Government that the Rotorua rescue helicopter will be closed is a massive blow to the people of Rotorua.

We’ve since learnt that the only base to close in the country is Rotorua. This is appalling.

The people of Rotorua deserve to have their own rescue helicopter service and they shouldn’t have to rely on choppers coming from Taupo, Tauranga and as far away as Hamilton.

I have called on the Minister to do what’s right and reverse this decision before lives are lost.

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Rotorua Racecourse closure threatens ‘a way of life’

The recommendation to close Arawa Park and for the Rotorua Racing Club to race at Tauranga is a step backwards and means that investment and economic growth in Rotorua will be harmed.

I raise serious concerns over this decision. On one hand we have a Government that is calling for greater regional investment and economic growth, on the other hand is also considering closing an existing facility that achieves both of these goals.

Rather than closing Arawa Park, I have recommended to the Government that the facility be saved and the Rotorua Racing Club keeps its racing licence. The Arawa Park Raceway has the opportunity to be a world standard regional facility for the Bay of Plenty, and I call on the Government to invest in our raceway to make that happen.


Congrats to the Te Puke Business Excellence Awards Winners

Te Puke is a growing business hub of the Bay of Plenty, and I had the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic community at the Te Puke Business Excellence Awards Winners.

From food and beverage providers to new businesses, the Te Puke business community is buzzing. I want to specifically congratulate the Supreme Winners of the Awards, the Jellicoe Industrial Park.

Congratulations to all winners and those nominated.



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