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Welcome to my Budget-special May e-newsletter. Please enjoy learning more about what’s happening in Wellington and around the Rotorua electorate.

News from Wellington

Budget 2018: Broken Promises and more tax

On Thursday 17th May, this Labour Government announced their first budget. After Labour spent the last nine years calling everything a crisis and an election campaign full of big promises, last week’s budget provides no new solutions to back up their claims.

Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern’s broken promises in Budget 2018:

  • No Universal cheaper doctors’ visits
  • No 1800 sworn front-line police officers
  • No incentives to remove school donations
  • Less new money into health than National last year
  • A raft of new taxes from a Government that promised ‘no new taxes’ in its first term

Instead we got:

  • 100+ working groups
  • $2.8b for 1st Year Tertiary Study
  • $3 billion for Shane Jones’ regional slush fund
  • $1 billion for Winston’s diplomats
  • Tax cuts for good looking horses
  • A new roundabout near Shane Jones’ house

The Government believes it can better spend your money but its track record & priorities prove otherwise.


Diplomats not Doctors

The Ardern-Peters Government has its priorities badly wrong. What matters more to New Zealanders – more diplomats or more doctor visits?

The needs of New Zealanders must always be put first. Unfortunately the Government’s decision to give $1 billion for more diplomats is about the needs of Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters over the rest.

You can read more here.



Working Groups and Reviews – 100 and counting

The Ardern-Peters Government has announced its 100th working group or review after just 200 days in office.

The outsourcing by this Government of its obligation to lead is staggering. Every second day since it was elected the Prime Minister and her colleagues have said they don’t have the answers or a plan and they’ve asked someone else to do the job for them.

By contrast, the National-led Government which came into power in late 2008 set up 39 working groups, reviews or inquiries in the same time period from November 2008 to June 2009

Though Ministers are refusing to front up with the cost, 29 of these working groups alone are estimated to have a price tag of around $66.2 million. At that rate, the remaining 71 could cost a further $160 million.

While Labour had almost a decade to come up with sensible policies, their manifesto promises such as Kiwibuild, are being found out for the light-on-detail fiscal guesstimates they are. They’re a mess.

Every day this Government is proving to New Zealanders it doesn’t have the ability to run the country, the ideas to take it forward or the best interests of New Zealanders at heart.


News from around the electorate

ANZAC Services in Rotorua and Te Puke

It was a beautiful day around the electorate to remember those who served in the name of the ANZACs. Thousands of people - mums, dads, children and families attended dawn and day services. I was honoured to be at services in Rotorua and Te Puke.



MPs visit our electorate

Over the last few weeks, I had the pleasure of showing a number of National MPs around our electorate.

Economic Development spokesperson Paul Goldsmith was in Te Puke to meet with local businesses and industries.

MPs Jian Yang and Melissa Lee came and met with our diverse local ethnic communities in Rotorua.

Simeon Brown met with local groups and the police to discuss his member’s bill which increases penalties for those who deal in synthetic drugs.

Then Hamilton MP Tim Macindoe also visited Te Puke to speak to locals in my monthly public tea morning.



International Firefighters Day

It was great to see and thank Te Puke Firefighters for the amazing work that they do to keep our communities safe on International Firefighters Day.



Fun times at Rotary Rotorua Swim Marathon fundraiser

Was great to support local communities in a fun way at the Rotary Rotorua Swim Marathon fundraiser at the Aquatic Centre. Well done to everyone who took part and joining us for this fun day.



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