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Welcome to my April e-newsletter. Please enjoy learning more about what’s happening in Wellington and around the Rotorua electorate.

News from Wellington

A fresh team for 2020

Last month, our leader Simon Bridges unveiled a new caucus line-up to hold the Ardern-Peters government to account. The National Party caucus is brimming with energy and enthusiasm and a willingness to work in the best interests of New Zealand. This new line-up reflects that.

Our team of 56 MPs is an alternative Government in waiting. You can learn more about our new team here.



Petrol taxes are coming!

The Ardern-Peters government has this week announced they will take $5billion from the regions to put into Auckland rail; whilst at the same time putting a big petrol tax on every litre you buy at the pumps.

Sadly this means many important roads around the Bay of Plenty will now not go ahead, with a number already having been cancelled.

Petrol taxes of up to 25c per litre have been announced, but there is still no commitment to 4-lane Te Ngae Road to Rotorua airport. Jacinda Ardern said there would be no new taxes in this term of her government, which now does not appear to be true.

Read about our stance on these new taxes here.


New portfolios

I was honoured to become the National Party Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Tourism spokesperson as part of the reshuffle and be promoted to number 5 in the line-up.

Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Tourism are extremely important to New Zealand. Our international reputation opens opportunities for Kiwis. Trade means jobs and tourism is a significant driver of the local economy.


News from around the electorate

Kiwifruit season on the horizon 

As the kiwifruit season begins, it is great to talk wiith Te Puke growers. Kiwifruit is a vibrant industry and is worth billions to the local economy. I’m pleased to support local growers who continues to do well under the ‘Single Desk’ structure. 



Visit to Rotorua Children Health Hub

It was wonderful to visit the Rotorua Children’s Health Hub that opened last month. The services that the health hub provide are welcome news to Rotorua and mean families and their children get the help they need more easily and more often.



Te Ranga school hospitality 

The kids at Te Ranga school are always welcoming hosts. I thank Te Ranga school for their hospitality. I was tested on a political quiz; there are a few budding politicians at this great rural school.



Rotorua electorate regular coffee mornings

It’s an immense privilege welcoming new citizens to our electorate. I host regular coffee mornings so that local people can more easily talk with their MP directly.



I welcome your thoughts and feedback on all matters so be sure to contact me at


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