Press Release: McClay and Chadwick to work on land and infrastructure in Te Ngae area

Monday, December 7, 2015

Rotorua MP Todd McClay and Mayor Steve Chadwick have committed to working together in 2016 to improve roading and free up land for commercial and residential purposes in the city’s eastern suburbs.

Mr McClay and Mrs Chadwick are seeing increasing levels of growth and development in the local economy, through demand for quality rental properties, new builds to encourage home ownership and investment in a number of key industries.

The Mayor and MP point out that Rotorua sits on a newly upgraded route to New Zealand's busiest port. The Port of Tauranga is becoming increasingly important to the Bay of Plenty. With the opening of the $450 Eastern Link road the port is now closer to Rotorua.

They say Rotorua has land that could well be used to attract business and industry that will use the port to export goods to overseas markets. However, the district needs good infrastructure to support this growth.

Through freeing up land, coupled with better infrastructure to reduce journey times, Rotorua is likely to be an attractive place for export-led investment.

Mr McClay says he will seek support from Transport Minister Simon Bridges in 2016 to unlock a number of traffic bottlenecks in the Te Ngae area.

“This includes upgrades to roundabouts in a number of places and a widening of existing roads as traffic volumes grow.

"I will also be pushing for a new roundabout at the airport which would free up valuable land for development as well as making our roads safer," says Mr McClay.

Mayor Chadwick says making land available for residential and commercial purposes is a priority for council.

“We will be looking to ensure that good decisions around land use can be made more easily and more quickly. This is part of a rejuvenation of communities in the Eastern suburbs of Rotorua and a vital part of the eastern corridor development.”

Mrs Chadwick says finding the right solutions for Rotorua’s crucial eastern corridor will be key to unlocking the district’s growth potential and contributing to regional growth.

Mr McClay and Mayor Chadwick say Rotorua has land available on the eastern side of the city. For Rotorua to be a viable place for investment it is important to ensure that the Eastern Corridor can accommodate growth and it is important central and Local government work together.

Rotorua experienced 4.3% GDP growth in the June quarter of 2015 the highest level in New Zealand.

Demand for rental properties has increased significantly as the population grows. House sales increased by 71 per cent in October compared to the same period last year. 

Meanwhile, investment in wood processing at Red Stag Timber and LumberCube are expected to increase traffic volumes in the Rotorua Eastern Corridor and Te Ngae road areas.