Rotorua Weekender: Better broadband means economic growth and opportunities

Friday, November 27, 2015

Ultra-fast broadband is in a street near you. It's time to start connecting to the many, many benefits of a better, more reliable and faster information superhighway. .

No matter where you live, work or study being connected to the internet is a must have in 2015, and this rings especially true in Rotorua.

Communicating with family, accessing information, or connecting local businesses to the world is now easier than ever before.

That’s why the Government is investing more than $2 billion into boosting better access to the internet through the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) programme and Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). We’re making better broadband accessible to more Kiwis than ever before.

More and more people in Rotorua are recognising the benefits of greater access to the world through better internet connection. We see this in the most recent statistics released, which show that people in Rotorua are connecting to better broadband in strong numbers. The build is 90 per cent complete, with 23,913 households now able to connect to UFB.

Better connectivity helps to build a stronger economy. It improves educational outcomes, reduces costs for businesses, and creates greater opportunities to promote our city and region online. It puts us on an equal footing with every other part of the country and ahead of many cities around the world.

Rotorua schools are also benefiting with fibre optic cabling delivering faster service at a better price. As we continue to invest in high quality learning for the 21st Century having educational tools readily available at home and in the classroom through better internet access is also a must have.

There is more work to be done. By 2025, we want 99 per cent of all New Zealanders to be able to access broadband at peak speeds of 50 Mbps, and the remaining 1 per cent able to connect to at least 10 Mbps.

New Zealand’s unique geography means getting broadband to some areas isn’t easy, but we are committed to expanding the network as far and wide as possible, so everyone can experience the benefits. This will make a real difference to those who can currently only access dial-up, or in some remote areas, cannot connect at all.

If you’re not a part of the network yet, I encourage you to jump on board and experience the difference that faster, more efficient, and more reliable internet can have for your family or business. For more information about UFB and how to connect, get in touch with my electorate office on 07 348 5871.