Rotorua Weekender: Backing community organisations to continue their great work

Friday, November 20, 2015

Volunteers and community organisations are the backbone of our community – they contribute invaluable skills, knowledge, and most importantly their time freely – as many hold down full time jobs as well.

We are extremely lucky in Rotorua to have an overabundance of high quality groups active in the community sector. They’re made up of incredibly hard working and dedicated people who make a real difference to our city and surrounding areas. 

The Government knows how important the contributions made by volunteers and community organisations are, which is why we support these organisations financially. Recently published figure show that 83 organisations around Rotorua received over $226,000 in grants from the Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) in 2014/15 year. In fact since 2008, over $1.63m has been spent on COGS grants in Rotorua to support our community.

From Sports clubs and youth groups to church support services, Plunket and the Citizens Advice Bureau, a wide range of organisations are eligible and receive grants each year. 

COGS is an important source of Government funding available to non-profit social service organisations throughout New Zealand. The grants are highly valued, because they make a vital contribution to keeping local services and other initiatives operating. 

Pitching in and helping out is a cornerstone of New Zealand culture. About a third of all New Zealanders get involved in their communities through volunteering. This investment of time and effort not only helps our country to function but it makes a significant economic contribution. 

In fact, according to the most recent census data, Rotorua people are extremely generous with  8,750 of them regularly volunteering their time and skills. They are an important part of what make Rotorua a great place to live.

If you belong to an organisation that could benefit from a COGS grant have a look at the COGS website ( or call my office on 07 348 5871 to see if you qualify.