Rotorua Weekender: Good luck to students sitting NCEA exams

Friday, November 13, 2015

Exams have started and the hard work of the last year is about to pay off. Over the next four weeks all over our city hundreds of students will sit NCEA and Cambridge exams. Nerves, a bit of stress, but I’m sure relief await those who have worked hard and persevered.

It’s important that young people around New Zealand receive a world class education. A solid education opens doors. It means better job opportunities, more money – in an increasingly competitive world where knowledge and skills are the measure of employability a good education is a must have.

That’s why, since being elected in 2008, the government has had a strong focus on improving the education system so our young people leave school with an equal opportunity to succeed. Reforms, as well as the hard work of teachers and students has seen achievement in Rotorua increase with 80.8 per cent of local students achieving NCEA level 2, an increase of almost 5 per cent since 2012.

Experts tell us that giving students early exposure to the internet and providing greater connectivity for schools is now as important as textbooks and calculators. That’s why the Government has been working across agencies to make better use of data to target resources. We’ve created 42 Communities of Learning across the country linking teachers and students via the internet. This means students will benefit from shared teaching practices and expertise, with schools working alongside each other on shared goals.

We introduced a managed network for digital learning so students get fast, reliable internet with uncapped data, web filtering, and network security services. Over 590,000 students and teachers have access and by the end of this year we expect around 90 per cent of schools to be connected.

These results mean thousands more Kiwi students are leaving school every year equipped with the skills they need to get ahead.

Teachers and principals at all of our schools do a fantastic job and I thank them for their dedication in giving our young people the best start in life. They’re a big part of increased NCEA achievement for Rotorua students. 

If you are sitting exams this year, the best of luck. As I tell my son “Work hard, and remember Facebook is not studying”.