Press Release: $448,000 for 345 hectares of new forest for the Bay of Plenty

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rotorua MP Todd McClay says that 345 hectares of new forest will be planted in the Bay of Plenty region, following the first round of funding through the Government’s Afforestation Grants Scheme (AGS). Local farmers and land owners who signed up to the scheme will receive $1,300 per hectare of new forest planted, totalling $448,000 across the region.

New trees will help diversify otherwise unused or underutilised land, while reducing erosion, improving water quality and slowing the frequency and severity of flooding. It will also lead to an additional 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide in our forests, further contributing towards our national emission reduction targets.

“Thanks to this grant, 345 hectares in the region will be planted, making better use of marginal and erosion-prone land, and helping our farmers and landowners increase land diversification,” says Mr McClay.

“Over the life cycle of these trees the Afforestation Grants Scheme is expected to make a significant contribution to the forestry industry and support services, increase jobs and help grow the Rotorua economy.

In total $22.5 million is available through the AGS to help establish about 15,000 hectares of new forest plantations over the next six years.

“The next round of funding will open in April next year for plating in Winter 2017 – I encourage more local farmers to sign up to the scheme and take advantage of the grants available,” says Mr McClay.