Rotorua MP says revisit Te Ngae Road option

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rotorua MP Todd McClay says that while NZTA continues to investigate Rotorua's Eastern Arterial Route he has asked them to revisit an upgrading of Te Ngae Road as a viable option to meet growing regional traffic demands.

"The government continues to invest heavily in Bay of Plenty transport infrastructure. This includes hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade roading from all parts of the region to the Port of Tauranga," Mr McClay says.

"Rotorua is well placed to benefit from this investment. As companies invest in the Bay of Plenty to be closer to Tauranga's Port, they will find that land near the Port is scarce and increasingly more expensive.

"Rotorua has land available on the eastern side of our city. We also have a trained workforce and good transport links," Mr McClay says.

"Rotorua is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. With the completion of the Tauranga Eastern Link to Mount Maunganui next month, journey times between Rotorua and the Port will reduce by up to 25 minutes in a return journey.

"For Rotorua to be a viable place for investment we need to ensure that the Eastern Corridor can accommodate growth," he says.

"Whilst NZTA's preferred option is the Rotorua Eastern Arterial,  I believe that a Te Ngae Road upgrade could also meet increased demand."

Mr McClay says he would like to see the Tarawera roundabout upgraded and a new roundabout built at the airport. This would open up valuable land for development. The Sala Street intersection would also require work at some stage he says.

"I also believe that Te Ngae road should be upgraded in stages over the next ten years to accommodate both local and regional traffic."

Mr McClay says he is keen to engage with the community on this issue so a decision over what options are best for Rotorua can be made by local people.

"I'm grateful to NZTA for agreeing to include an upgrade of Te Ngae Road in their ongoing investigation for the Eastside of Rotorua," Mr McClay says.