Rotorua Weekender: Budget 2015 continues to invest in law and order

Monday, June 8, 2015

Since being elected in 2008, the Government has worked hard with Police to ensure that they are well equipped to provide safer communities for families.

As a result of increased, and more targeted, investment in tools and resources, as well as the dedicated hard work of officers around the country, we have seen crime rates continually fall over the past seven years to the lowest rate nationally since 1978.

Our goal has been to reduce the time police spend in the office and give them more time out on the street.
This approach has been very successful in Rotorua. Last year, our total crime rate fell by 4.7 per cent, with 414 fewer crimes being recorded around the city. In fact Rotorua had seen year on year reductions in crime for the last four years

In Budget 2015, the Government continued its support of the police by investing a further $164 million to extend previously implemented strategies that have been successful in fighting crime and to put even more police on the streets.

This further investment will give the Police force the resources to continue to maintain a visible, active, and hard-working presence that delivers more effective policing.

Additionally, the justice sector is also being modernised so it performs more efficiently. People are getting to court quicker. In Rotorua people who commit crimes are being brought to justice 20% faster than previously. This reduces stress and worry for victims and family members involved in court cases.

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their home. By implementing the right policies, and the excellent work on the front line by Rotorua Police, the crime rate continues to fall to record lows.