Mayor and MP welcome report on region’s economic opportunities

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick and local MP Todd McClay have welcomed the release of the Bay of Plenty Growth Study, saying it presents great opportunities for economic growth in the Rotorua region.

The study is the first comprehensive overview of the economic opportunities in the Bay of Plenty and will be used by Government to direct support towards areas of potential growth and development. In particular, it identifies forestry and wood processing, tourism, health and wellness, youth education and skills initiatives, and geothermal as areas that Rotorua has an advantage in.

“This is a comprehensive study which could become the cornerstone of future economic development in Rotorua,” says Todd McClay.

“It identifies many of the challenges that we have faced as a region and is optimistic about the future opportunities for Rotorua – as an important part of the Bay of Plenty.”

Mayor Chadwick says: “This information confirms the direction we are on and strengthens the need for Rotorua to be well connected in the wider region particularly with our economy’s daily needs to transport products to and from markets.

“This also confirms that we need to find an amicable transport solution for our eastern corridor that will help Rotorua prosper and contribute to the region.”

In delivering on these opportunities, Mayor Chadwick and Mr McClay say they will be looking forward to the Government continuing to support Rotorua.
In particular, providing good infrastructure to allow businesses to commit to wood processing and other export-ready industries that require land and a workforce that is in such close proximity to the Port of Tauranga.