Ngongotaha News: Creating a better performing economy

Friday, May 8, 2015

In a few weeks time Bill English will deliver the Government’s seventh Budget. It will be a Budget that builds on the strong foundations we’ve laid through our economic programme over the past six years. Our strong, growing economy, backed by the Government’s clear economic plan, is translating into real benefits for Rotorua households and businesses.

In the last Budget, there was a lot of good news for Rotorua families as the Government provided a large amount of new or increased support for local families. We increased paid parental leave by two weeks, we boosted support for first home buyers through changes to KiwiSaver and HomeStart, we reduced ACC levies for families with a standard car by $135 per year. As well as this added support, wages, on average, are increasing faster than the cost of living.

We know there is much more to be done – a couple of good years are not enough to change our long-term well-being. We’ll need many more years where growth is faster than other developed countries so we can continue lifting incomes and creating more jobs.

Thanks to the hard work of New Zealanders up and down the country, we’re in a strong position to build a brighter future. Providing we stick to our clear plan, we can deliver the opportunities and security New Zealanders and their families deserve.