New laws to protect animals

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rotorua MP Todd McClay says he voted in favour of stricter rules around animal welfare in Parliament this week including banning the testing of cosmetics on animals in New Zealand.

The Animal Welfare Bill, passed into law in Parliament last night, creates clear standards for the protection of animals in New Zealand. The new laws will improve the original Animal Welfare Act 1999 by creating more effective powers to punish people abusing or harming animals.

The Animal Welfare Bill bans the use of animals to test finished cosmetic products or ingredients which are only used for cosmetics. The Bill also creates new mandatory animal welfare standards and broadens the range of enforcement tools. It allows inspectors to prevent animal suffering and punish perpetrators, removes uncertainty around ill-treatment of wild animals, and improves transparency in research involving animals.

“Animal welfare and protection is an important issue to many people in Rotorua. These laws create new ways to prevent harm and abuse to animals, and punish those who have committed acts of abuse.”

“It’s also positive to see that testing of cosmetic products on animals has been banned. Whilst animal testing is necessary for medicines that save lives, the testing of cosmetics and legal highs is not – and it is now banned in New Zealand” says Mr McClay.