Rotorua Weekender: Your chance to change those frustrating rules - Rotorua Weekender

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Every one of us will be able to think of a few rules or regulations that are frustrating or that don’t seem to make sense. This will be as true for rules made by government departments as for local council processes and procedures. In a desire to find ways to reduce this red-tape and make your lives easier, next week I will host a meeting of the Rules Reduction Taskforce in Rotorua. The meeting will be held in the Rimu Room at the Distinction Hotel on May 13 at 5:30pm and will offer Rotorua people an opportunity to constructively raise issues about rules and regulations that they consider to be unnecessary in the property and housing sector.

The Task Force was created last year by the Minister of Local Government to listen to the concerns of property owners. This includes individual homeowners and investors as well as builders and others involved with the development and construction of homes and building in all parts of the country.

The meeting will give local people a chance to have their voice heard on a range of issues, including interaction with local and central government agencies, the planning and RMA stages of building, roading, water, waste, environmental protection and other infrastructural decisions. The Taskforce will then work closely with Local Government New Zealand, representatives of the trades and the public to ensure the processes around building and owning a property are as simple and effective as possible.

Verbal and written submissions will be assessed by Panel members with recommendations made to Government about how best to make rules and regulations work better for New Zealanders.

This offers an important opportunity for people in Rotorua to have their say. It’s a chance to raise those rules and regulations that annoy you and make suggestions about better ways to help home owners around the country. I encourage you to come along and have a say. Remove ( on how to make our rules and regulations better). For more information on the meeting or the Taskforce, please contact my Rotorua electorate office on 07 348 5871.