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Rotorua MP Todd McClay has said the Government’s commitment to increased geothermal energy use offers real opportunity for sustainable geothermal heating of more Rotorua homes.

“Geothermal energy provides a unique, special experience for the $800 million Rotorua tourism industry. It provides heating for homes, and powers businesses in our region. It is a clean, inexpensive, and safe renewable energy source,” Todd McClay says.

Government funding of $150,000 will focus on attracting investment and commercialisation of geothermal opportunities in the region. Recent reports highlight that only 5% of the region’s geothermal capacity is currently being used.

“Rotorua has the most active geothermal field sitting immediately below it. The Government investment will help us to better harness this heat sustainably.

It means we can explore better use of geothermal hearing in Rotorua homes and businesses," Todd McClay says.

“Increased investment and use of geothermal energy will drive value in the local tourism, energy generation, forestry, and agriculture sectors. This will in turn create more jobs for Rotorua’s people, and keep the spotlight on our most important natural wonder,” Todd McClay says.

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