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Local MP Todd McClay says the signing of a Special Housing Accord will see a doubling of the average number of houses currently being consented in Rotorua.

“An aggressive target has been set over the next four years to consent 900 dwellings and 1050 sections,” Mr McClay says.

“To put that in context, over the last four years an average of 94 dwellings have been consented. The average for the next four years will be 225 a year.”

“We are more than doubling the number of consents and this will result in more houses built more quickly. It will also be a huge boost for our local trades and construction sector.”

Mr McClay proposed the SHA in June and has thanked both the Rotorua Lakes Council and Building and Construction Minister Nick Smith for making it happen so quickly.

“This will ease pressure on the housing and rental market and mean more locals get into their first homes,” Mr McClay says.

“Rotorua’s population is growing, our local economy is booming and unemployment is falling. Now the Council has the tools it needs to ensure that housing supply keeps up with demand.”

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