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Local MP Todd McClay says National’s four-laneing of Te Ngae Road between the city and airport will create jobs and keep Rotorua's economy growing.

"A re-elected National government will start four-laneing Te Ngae road in the next three years,” Mr McClay says.

“This is a priority for Rotorua and a priority for me as local MP. For the first time in a decade our city is growing quickly. This road has now become urgent and today Bill English made an absolute commitment to build Te Ngae Road."

"The $75m - $100m project will ease congestion and make Rotorua even more appealing. Our businesses will be better connected to the the Port of Tauranga and it will free up land to build more homes." 

Mr McClay says the road will improve safety along State Highway 30 and also include upgraded walking and cycling facilities.

“Future-proofing our local transport network will see Rotorua become more attractive to businesses looking for a location to set up and will mean local and regional traffic can move about more easily and more safely,” Mr McClay says.

“We are already the most beautiful region in the country, soon we will also be one of the best connected too.”

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